The Moozikhant Story

The Moozikhant duo are Romanian DJ Adam Bogdan (with a vast history of residencies, radio shows and as a guest in many clubs and bars in Romania but also other countries from Europe) & DJ Kicki (the artistic and bohemian appearance of many select cool and hip parties throughout the country).
Adam comes as the initiator of the project in 2015, after 10+ years of residencies and parties, while wanting to create a project totally different from what the dance scene was offering (which was a lot of mainstream top 40, Edm, techno, d&B etc.) He decides to reach for Kicki who was already in this kind of eclectic style for the past 5 years.,
They brought together a fresh sound composed of African, Brazilian, Carribean and Latin influences while keeping the high standard and clean beats with a dash of electronic mood that they were already providing for the past years. Also You can expect to hear traces of funk, disco and house in their sets.
In 2018 they also started to edit and remix certain tracks that they thought are representative for their style. From there, they continued to grow their fan base and network and today they became one of the more respected and iconic images in Romania's scene for hip, cool and open minded people. They also hold a summer residency at Amphora Beach, one of the most sought after beach clubs in Romanian seaside.Their sets can be described as an eclectic journey through languages, countries and vibes that can get Your feet going and Your ears in a state of bliss for the entire set.

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